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Try, Try, Try Again

Everyone has heard of the proverb, “Try, try, try again.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” However, few of us will admit that trying is hard work and that we may need help to succeed.  Meet Sandra.  Years ago, Sandra had lost a lot of weight, and she successfully maintained her goal weight until a sports injury sidelined her four years ago.  Unfortunately, she gained all her weight back.  Sandra went online to search for weight loss options, where she learned about the gastric balloon procedure and discovered Dr. Liu.  She wanted a non-invasive procedure to jump start her weight loss, and she needed support to develop healthy habits and to gain control of her eating habits.  Five months after her gastric balloon procedure, Sandra exceeded her goal weight by more than 20 lbs.  She lost 62 lbs. total in five months!  She continues to exercise and eat healthy in controlled portions; and she also continues to see Dr. Liu for regular check-ups and to attend our practice’s monthly support group.  Sandra’s motivation and persistence is inspiring.  According to the Urban Dictionary website, “Sandra is…very hard worker, [who] never quits.”  True.


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