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Medically Supervised Diets Specialist

As a leading bariatric surgeon, Dr. Liu helps men and women throughout Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, lose weight with advanced techniques like medically supervised diets customized to each patient's individual goals, lifestyle and health needs.

Medical Weight Loss Management (Medically Supervised Diets) Q & A

by Carson Liu, MD, FACS

What is a “medically supervised” diet?

Dieting is recognized as the first step to losing weight when combined with a healthy exercise program. And while many overweight and obese people seek medical guidance when establishing exercise programs for weight loss, until recently, many dieters were left on their own to follow dieting guidelines and hope for the best. With a medically supervised diet, patients get the individual guidance and support they need to achieve real dieting success and long-term results. Medically supervised diets often incorporate meal replacements to make planning simpler and help you achieve your goals faster.

What does a medical weight loss management program involve?

Medical weight loss is an intensive cooperative effort between the patient and his or her healthcare providers and team members. It begins with a comprehensive physical exam which may include lab work and other tests, as well as an in-depth health history and a discussion of lifestyle factors that may contribute to weight loss or gain. Once the evaluation is complete, a custom program will be developed that takes factors like health, work and hobbies, lifestyle influences and even food preferences into account. The result is a weight loss program that's truly individualized and geared for success. Medical weight loss also includes regular monitoring to ensure patients stay on track and to make necessary changes as the weight loss journey progresses. Other components include learning about your personal food triggers, behavioral counseling, nutritional counseling, setting and maintaining realistic exercise goals and more.

Are medical weight loss programs covered by insurance?

Today, most insurance companies recognize the value of medical weight loss in decreasing excess weight and improving overall health. To determine whether your specific insurance plan covers medical weight loss programs, call your insurance administrator or ask our office staff to find out for you.


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    "There are no words are saving my life."

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    “Dr. Liu is a phenomenal weight loss surgeon, who has helped me on my way to a healthy weight loss of 50 pounds and counting. Thank you Dr. Liu!”

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  • “Dr. Liu and his staff are nonjudgmental, kind, supportive and loving. Dr. Liu, thank you for everything.”

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    “Dr. Carson Liu...Wow! The best comment I can give him is that I would let him work on my two daughters who I love extremely.”

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