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Gastric Balloon Before and After


Compare the "Before Orbera" photo to the "After Orbera" photo taken three months after placement of the Orbera gastric balloon -- our patient exceeded her weight loss goals by 3 months! The Orbera gastric balloon can help jumpstart the weight loss process for many patients, especially those who do not want to undergo a permanent procedure. The Orbera balloon is ideal for patients who have a lower BMI, however, need assistance with their weight loss beyond diet and exercise guidance. In order to reduce the amount of food a patient can eat, the Orbera balloon is inserted orally through a non-surgical procedure and placed in your stomach for six months, during which patients work to improve their eating habits and to establish a healthier lifestyle. The Orbera balloon is removed after six months, however, our practice continues to provide support and care for our patients through the post-op year one. In addition, we have partnered recently with inHealth to provide virtual coaching to provide another after-care option that supports our patient's long-term success.

Read more about the Orbera procedure on Dr. Liu's website.

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