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V-Shape Specialist

Carson Liu, MD, FACS -  - Weight Loss Physician

SkyLex Health

Carson Liu, MD, FACS

Weight Loss Physician & General Surgeon located in Marina Del Rey, CA & Orange County, Tustin, CA

V-Shape® technology is a state of the art laser body contouring tool offered by SkyLex Health in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California. Dr. Carson Liu and the staff at the facility offer a variety of laser procedures to their patients who are interested in facial and body rejuvenation.

V-Shape Q&A

What does body contouring accomplish?

Body contouring uses laser technology to eliminate fatty deposits and tighten skin in hard to reach areas on the body. There are many areas of the body that don’t respond well to exercise, due to either their location or simply the fact that the area is a suitable area to store fat. Body contouring is a non-invasive way to remove fat from those areas without performing surgery or using liposuction techniques. The initial results begin to appear in as little as 3-4 weeks. The final results are visible at 12 weeks and, in most cases, are permanent. Not only does the procedure effectively remove fat, it also tightens and tones the skin allowing it to regain some of its prior elasticity.

What are the main benefits of the V-shape laser technique?

The V-Shape laser technique offers many benefits aside from being non-invasive and producing near permanent results. The patient experiences no downtime allowing them to resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure. There is minimal risk of infection because the skin isn’t broken in any way. Laser technology also produces very few side effects. While the patient may experience mild irritation near the treatment site, the sensation normally dissipates within a few hours. The V-Shape laser works on many levels over and above dissolving fat cells. In addition to eliminating fats, the laser also targets other layers of tissue tightening and toning each one. This reduces wrinkles and minimizes sagging or drooping skin.

How does dual radio frequency laser technology work?

Dual radio frequency laser technology works by addressing tissues deep within the body as well as targeting the more superficial layers. Fat deposits often extend inward and don’t lie directly under the surface of the skin. By penetrating deeply into the layers of tissue, the fat cells can be effectively targeted and damaged so the body can begin to break them down and flush them away. While this is happening, the laser is also targeting the superficial layers of tissue, increasing the production of collagen and tightening and toning the skin. The dual frequencies are able to address multiple issues, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin and tissues creating a firmer texture and a more toned appearance.

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