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How obesity and related co-morbidities result in severe outcomes from Covid-19

Like many of you, I have been reading and following the news about Covid-19. I recently read the New England Journal of Medicine's article "Covid-19 and Disparities in Nutrition and Obesity" by M. Belanger MD, et. al. outlining how obesity and related co-morbidities result in severe outcomes from Covid-19. While I realize that public health is a matter of public policy at a large level, I also realize that individual health is a matter of choices and habits. Therefore, I encourage all my patients to minimize their Covid-19 risks by choosing healthy wholesome foods and by increasing activity levels daily. I recommend that patients make these lifestyle changes one at a time. The goal is to create a new healthy habit that is sustainable. It is as simple as eliminating the go-to unhealthy high-calorie snack or adding 30-minutes of walking daily. I believe that we each can do our part during this pandemic by taking care of ourselves by eating, exercising and of course, wearing a mask!

Read the New England Journal of Medicine research article here.

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