If you have recently been ill or have any symptoms of illness, please call us prior to your visit.

Have elective surgeries resumed?

Elective surgeries for weight loss and heartburn have resumed, and our office can once again schedule the procedures. Hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers have reopened for elective procedures operating under COVID-19 safety guidelines. We are working through the backlog of patients seeking these beneficial treatments as the outbreak abates. Our practice offers a full range of weight loss treatments from medically-supervised diets to gastric balloons to weight-loss surgeries to allow patients to develop a personal strategy in consultation with Dr. Liu that aims to mitigate the harmful effects of obesity. Given the progressive nature of obesity and diabetes, delaying surgery increases risks for morbidity and mortality as well as the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, chronic heartburn and hernias pose long term risks of Barrett's Disease and esophageal cancer. Please contact us for a consultation if you are experiencing these health issues. Please note that patients are required to schedule appointments and to also wear masks in-person for clinic appointments. Moreover, COVID-19 testing is required not only for pre-operative medical clearance but also required a week prior to the date of surgery. This means that patients will likely be tested twice to prepare for surgery given the span of time between pre-op and surgery. While our staff continues to work through processes and procedures to avoid unnecessary delays when preparing and scheduling procedures, patients should nevertheless anticipate a longer pre-op process under the "new normal." We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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