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Our patient’s Before and After photos demonstrate how lifestyle changes and the Orbera Gastric balloon together achieved successful results! Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle continues after explantation of the balloon.

Pearl continues to inspire me and my patients. After Robotic Lap RYGB, she lost 179 lbs. in 3 years with our support and postoperative care. So proud to be part of Pearl’s story!

Congratulations, Alisa! Your success will inspire many to take action on their goals! Your weight loss of 58 lbs. in 6 months is incredible! We are excited for you to start college this month.

Celebrating Allan DaCosta, and his success! He recently ran the Spartan Obstacle Course Races in Lake Tahoe! Amazing!!! We are so proud of his achievements. Inspiring!!! Allan said "I met Dr. Liu was in 2007....after talking to Dr. Liu, I decided the LAP-BAND was my best choice. I work for the Railroad, and I knew if I didn't do something about my weight, I wouldn't make it. Even with the LAP-BAND, you can find ways to get around it and eat food that is not best for you. Dr. Liu would give me advice and provide resources to help with weight loss or weight maintenance over the years, but I had to try it my way....Dr. Liu would say stay away from carbs and sweets and starch. In 2019, after twelve years with the LAP-BAND, I finally listened to him. My goal weight is 180 lbs. and I am at 199 lbs! More importantly, I achieve my goal to run one Spartan Race this year, and I did it with no pain in my joints! Dr. Liu saved my life and my body from future ailments. Thank you, Dr. Liu for everything you have done for me and my family!

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