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Heartburn and Hernia Relief

Dr. Liu not only an expert in weight loss procedures and aesthetics, but also treats heartburn and hernias.
When you suffer from chronic heartburn, the problem isn’t with your stomach acid, it’s with your stomach keeping it where it belongs. In most cases, Dr. Carson Liu often chooses LINX® for his patients with GERD and discomfort.
If you have or think you might have a hernia, you're not alone by a long shot. About 5 million people in the U.S. develop hernias every year. Dr. Liu specializes in the most advanced surgical techniques and treatment for many types of hernias. Devoted to hernia diagnosis and repair for over 15 years, he have developed expert techniques for repairing hernias.
Please contact our office if you think you may be experiencing any discomfort from either heartburn or a hernia.

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