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What is the importance of good eating?

Changing your eating habits, daily routine and lifestyle are necessary to achieve your health goals. Being supported by friends and family as well as following-up with your doctors are keys to success. A National Institute of Health (NIH) abstract states that "Adherence to postoperative follow-up is independently associated with improved 12-month weight loss after bariatric surgery." Dr. Liu recommends Gastric Bypass patients to visit their doctor routinely to check for vitamin deficiency and malnutrition, and Sleeve Gastrectomy and LAP-BAND patients to follow-up regularly with their doctor to manage the weight loss process and to address heartburn symptoms as necessary. Robin, who is featured this month, sees Dr. Liu routinely to stay on track. Click here to read the NIH abstract.

To encourage healthy habits, we had a cooking demo featuring Minced Tofu in a Lettuce Cup during Saturday Support Group! I hope that you will try to make this version, which is 70 calories less per 3 oz. than the traditional chicken one. We enticed attendees who did not like tofu to eat several helpings of this savory dish! Click here for the recipe.

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