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Gastric Sleeve and Sleeve Revision Surgery

Continuing last month's feature topic of weight loss surgery procedures, this month highlights the Gastric Sleeve procedure (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy). This procedure removes a large portion of the stomach in order to create banana-shape tube or "sleeve" to serve as the new stomach, which cannot hold much food nor process as much calories as before thereby helping patients to lose weight. The Gastric Sleeve procedure typically results in significant weight loss quickly, hence its current popularity. Patients who adopt eating in small portions and healthy lifestyles achieve long term success. Click here to learn more about the Gastric Sleeve.

However, some patients regain their weight after 2-3 years when their sleeve has stretched to accommodate the foods that they have been eating. These patients may require revision surgery to reduce the size of their sleeve and to continue losing weight. The x-ray image below shows a patient's anatomy after Dr. Liu performed an Endoscopic Sleeve Revision Gastroplasty (ESG) to revise the stretched-out sleeve making it small and narrow again. The ESG is a non-invasive procedure (through the mouth) to stitch sutures in the stomach. Click here to learn more about the ESG.



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