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Diet and Exercise Alone is Not for Everybody

Are you feeling ashamed about your weight? Are you feeling embarrassed about considering weight loss surgery as an option?  Are you sneaking around in your efforts to gather information about weight loss surgery?  I had an aha moment years ago when a patient told me that it was an act of courage for her to pick up the phone to call our office for a Consultation.  The patient had to overcome her feelings of shame and guilt over not being able to lose weight on her own; she had to muster her courage to do something beyond diet and exercise.  I am glad that she had called my office, and I can happily report that she is a successful weight loss surgery patient.  It is okay to get professional help.  There are many kinds of professionals who can help you achieve your weight loss goals; and if diet and exercise alone were the only answer, then there would be no need for weight loss surgery.  Truth is, one solution does not fit everyone; diet and exercise alone cannot address everyone's weight problems.  Unfortunately, it can feel like it is not okay to have weight loss surgery, and worse, it kinda feels like someone can shame you about your "lack of willpower and discipline" because some folks equate "diet and exercise" with willpower and discipline.  There are many reasons why people are at an unhealthy weight (medical, physical, psychological, etc.).  Regardless of the reasons, some people need help beyond advice to diet and exercise; some of them need weight loss surgery to help them achieve their health goals. My wife once said "we do not expect addicts to quit drugs and alcohol using only willpower, discipline and a commitment to healthy living; so why would we expect people struggling with their weight to do so without professional help?"  Call our office at (310) 208-0474 if you have questions or would like to know more about weight weight loss surgery options.

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