Day 4 Breakfast: Tortilla Alternative!

Breakfast Tacos

Everything tastes better wrapped in a warm tortilla, so why not breakfast?  In this recipe we used a tortilla alternative from Siete Foods made out of coconut and cassava, however, you can use regular corn or flour tortiallas, or better yet, whole wheat.  These tacos are sure to wake you up and keep you feeling full and energized until lunch time. 

Ingredients: 2 Siete Foods Coconut & Cassave Tortillas, 2 eggs, Vegan Butter (can use regular butter or ghee), arugala, cherry tomatoes, avocado, garlic powder, Salt & Pepper.


- Melt 1tsp of Vegan Butter in a pan on Medium heat

- Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and pour them into the medium hot pan

- Scramble the eggs until just cooked and add salt and pepper to taste

- Add 1/2 tsp more of vegan butter and warm up the tortillas in the same pan

- Once cooked start assembling: divide the scrambled eggs in half and place in each tortilla

- add arugala, cherry tomatoes and 1/2 an avocado to each taco

- Sprinkle with garlic powder and salt and pepper if necessary

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