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AspireAssist Specialist

Carson Liu, MD, FACS -  - Weight Loss Physician

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Carson Liu, MD, FACS

Weight Loss Physician & General Surgeon located in Marina Del Rey, CA & Orange County, Tustin, CA

Dr. Liu provides a variety of weight management services including the innovative AspireAssist treatment to help patients reach and maintain a healthy weight. Appointments with Dr. Liu are available at SkyLex Health, with offices in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Tustin, California.

AspireAssist Q & A






What is AspireAssist?

AspireAssist is a new weight loss solution to help patients control their eating habits and calorie consumption. AspireAssist is non-surgical and reversible and has helped patients to lose more than 3 times as much weight as those receiving diet and exercise counseling and support alone. AspireAssist is a small device that is inserted into the stomach in a procedure that only takes 15 minutes and requires only twilight sedation. The device works by allowing the patient to eat normal meals and then discretely release up to a third of the consumed food and drink before digestion is complete. Patients who use AspireAssist will still receive counseling and support to make healthier lifestyle choices and have access to online communities of other people taking control of their lives.

Do I need to do anything special once the device is installed?

You will need to eat slowly and take care to chew your food thoroughly. Otherwise, there are no diet restrictions, although Dr. Liu will help you to learn to make healthier choices. Over time, you will learn to eat more slowly and mindfully so that you are aware of the signals of being full as well as develop healthier habits to ensure you consume sufficient nutrients.

How long can I use AspireAssist?

AspireAssist is intended for long term use, but can be removed at anytime during a 10 minute in office procedure. Healthy and sustainable weight loss is a slow process. While AspireAssist can help to reduce your overall consumption, you should use it until you are comfortable and confident in your new healthier lifestyle. It is important to attend regular appointments while using the device to monitor your weight loss and health while receiving coaching on making changes to your diet and exercise habits.

If you need assistance to lose weight and make healthier lifestyle choices, contact Dr. Liu at SkyLex for an appointment today.



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Dr. Liu performed the first AspireAssist non-surgical weight loss procedure in California! 

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