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Our patient. Male. 39 yrs. 5/8"
Weight lost 45 lbs. Gastric Balloon Procedure. Diet and Lifestyle Changes. 10 mos. His sucess.

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"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
– Albert Einstein


Many of us feel the need to eat when stressed. Well, this is not a myth. Harvard Medical School published an article explaining the science that drives us to stress-eat. When feeling stressed, our bodies make us think that we need a lot of energy to fight or flee from the anxiety. Naturally, we will crave foods high in sugar or fat to provide us with plenty of energy. These foods will help reduce the feelings of stress and help to calm us down in the short term. By stress-eating, we gain the energy to deal with the situation or problem. The downside to this biological response is two-fold: 1. eating high-fat, sugary foods on a regular basis is bad for your health 2. stress-eating becomes a habit biologically as well as behaviorally. Instead of stress-eating, I highly recommend planning your go-to response, such as taking a walk or drinking a glass of water when feeling stressed. Click here to read the report


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