"Through preventive weight loss surgery we could reverse or improve diabetes, hypertension, and joint disease."
"LAP-BAND® weight loss surgery is the wave of the future. We are here to guide you to a happier, healthier life."
"The LAP-BAND® procedure is very, very safe. The surgery is quick, minimally invasive and virtually painless."
"We provide our patients with safe and effective weight loss surgery. We also offer quality post-op care."
"Throughout his career as a weight loss surgeon, Dr. Carson Liu™ has performed over 2600 Bariatric Surgeries."
"Obesity is a chronic disease. We provide information to help you know whether obesity surgery is right for you."
"Dr. Liu makes a difference in the lives of his patients through his commitment and care. - American Diabetes Association"
"If you are obese and have failed at numerous diets, surgery may be your only realistic option for lasting weight loss."

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Patient Testimonial

Los Angeles, CA.

We offer a weight-loss surgery program to help you achieve sustained weight loss. Our focus on nutrition and exercise greatly enhance the success of the program.

Explore the stories of our recent patients to decide if bariatric surgery is right for you.

Bariatric Surgery patient, Julie Bariatric Surgery patient, Karen Bariatric Surgery patient, Kimberly Bariatric Surgery patient, Jaynea
Julie's story - Lap Band Surgery Karen's story Kimberly's story Jaynea's story
Bariatric Surgery patient, Miriam Bariatric Surgery patient, Eileen Helen Bariatric Surgery patient
Miriam's story - Lap Band Surgery Eileen's story Helen's Story Arlene's story
Bariatric Surgery patient  
Judy's story  

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