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LAP-BAND® vs. Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

At Dr. Carson Liu™'s Los Angeles, California weight loss surgery practice, you can achieve the weight loss goals you have always strived for with LAP BAND® or Gastric Bypass Surgery. While both of these proven types of bariatric surgery can help you lose a large amount of weight, there are some key differences between the two.

LAP-BAND® Weight Loss Surgery

To read more, please see Questions about LAP-BAND® Weight Loss Surgery.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

During Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery, the stomach is surgically divided with staples, creating a small stomach pouch near the top of the stomach. A portion of the small intestine is removed and connected to the small stomach pouch. This reduced stomach size gives you a full feeling more quickly and for a longer period of time.

With Gastric Bypass Surgery, nothing is completely removed from the body. The area of stomach that is separated still produces digestive juices so that food can be broken down, and the small intestine is shortened to absorb fewer calories.

For more information please see What to Expect - The Weight Loss Surgery Process with Gastric Bypass and Questions about Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Differences Between LAP-BAND® and Gastric Bypass Surgery

The key difference between LAP-BAND® and Gastric Bypass Surgery is how extensive the two procedures are. The LAP-BAND® surgery places a silicone band around the stomach, preventing you from eating as much as you normally would. It is a reversible procedure. The Gastric Bypass procedure creates a smaller stomach and modifies the connection between the stomach and the small intestine. It is more extensive surgery and also more permanent.

Also, the LAP-BAND® procedure has no effect on how food and calories are absorbed by the body. Since the Gastric Bypass Surgery changes the digestive tract, the body absorbs fewer calories.

If you are considering either LAP-BAND® or Gastric Bypass surgery in Los Angeles, California, please contact weight loss surgeon Dr. Carson Liu™ to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Liu will talk to you about your weight loss goals and help you determine which surgery is right for you.


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